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Based in Warrington, Cheshire UK, I teach Yoga and Meditation alongside Conscious Connected Breathwork facilitation.

Offering public in-person and online classes, workshops and retreats, 1 to 1 and small group coaching sessions, and corporate well-being workshops and packages.

Teaching from my own experience to improve physical posture and developing stronger physical and mental health. These combined practices lead to greater feelings of well-being, including lowered stress and anxiety to positive mood and more energy. Facilitate your own healing and growth, cultivate a strong body and a resilient mindset to lead an integrated life that is in alignment with your values and goals.


Ways You Can Work with or Practice with Me

My background is in strength and conditioning training and Muay Thai boxing. Discovering hot yoga in 2013, I became hooked on the way it made me feel. After qualifying as a teacher, I began teaching hot yoga at studios (Ascend Hot Yoga & Bee Yoga) in Warrington and the surrounding areas. I also specialise in Yoga for athletes teaching Yoga to members of Raw Strength gym for a number of years.

I have since gone on to expand my yoga, breathwork and meditation offerings in Warrington, running local and online classes, 1 – 1 and small group private sessions, hosting specialist workshops and retreats, and corporate well-being.

Yoga is much more than stretching the body, it combines movement, mindfulness and breathing exercises. Which forms a complete system for cultivating better physical and mental health. You do not need to be flexible or fit to begin. You are welcome to work within your own limits and levels of experience.

Yoga is an antidote to the pressures of modern life. Through consistent practice we can work through, physical, mental and emotional challenges, to positively transmute and transform our lives. We can cultivate greater compassion for ourselves and for others. Liberating ourselves from self-limiting beliefs and moving towards becoming better versions of ourselves.

Consistency and showing up for yourself regularly is the key to success in anything. The same applies to being the best version of you. If you are interested in practicing or working with me, below are the ways in which we can work or practice together. I offer yoga, meditation and breathwork classes, workshops, corporate well-being, private and group Yoga Meditation and Breathwork in Warrington and surrounding areas such as Widnes, St Helens, Wigan, Leigh, Liverpool and Manchester. I also offer sessions online and can travel further afield too.

Work With Me


I would love to spend more time with Dave practising breath work. I felt as if I was taken on a journey that was safe and nothing I have experienced before. It is definitely something I would suggest other people try. I feel honoured to have been given this opportunity and to have shared it with a true nurturing professional person who wanted the best for me. Thank you I am eternally grateful.

David was fantastic, great nature and very informative. Thanks to Torbay Council for another great session

Fantastic session. Dave carefully guided us into, through, and out of the magical process with reassurance, professionalism and kind-heartedness. Cannot recommend it highly enough to total beginners, or those experienced with breathwork therapy!


I would highly recommend Dave. He is a warm, welcoming and knowledgeable instructor and guide. I felt an immediate shifting and lightening of energy. The whole session was a full embodied experience. I felt a huge wave of calm and relaxation throughout my body which continued well into the evening and the following day! I would Dave if you want to find some inner peace and balance or are perhaps looking to shift some energy or even just want to feel recharged and refreshed ready to take on life again!


Would highly recommend to anybody looking to make a change for good and improve the quality of their life and mental well-being. Relaxed friendly atmosphere it’s great if looking to begin your yoga journey.

Mark W

Dave combines the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga perfectly. Everything is explained so clearly and you leave classes feeling refreshed, relaxed and like a weight has been lifted. Would definitely recommend!

Julie D

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